Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Analysis To Evaluation

By what means can our team be of any help to you? We can collaborate with you at the strategy level, effectively supporting the training department’s objectives with the more extensive business purpose. When you have a particular execution need, we can help you break down, characterize, and actualize the precise method for achievement. At a project or program level, we can direct or assist endeavors from requirements investigation and curriculum design, to tools and patterns, to a full group of assessment and gaining knowledge of measurement services. We’re prepared to offer a new point of view, some assistance when your assets are constricted, and intended know-how to improve your team’s capacities. Above all, we comprehend that trust is vital for any huge association, and we’ll endeavor to procure yours. Need to know more? Examine our consulting services.

IntraIntel Consulting Services

We recognize the fact that no one can be knowledgeable about your business better than you. Our duty is to offer a new point of view – to ask about new inquiries and finding answers for it. To start with, we take a glance at your business: its principles, purpose, organization, and philosophy. We pick up an understanding of your key business objectives. At that point, we do an innate study of the learning and development capacity and how it tries to assist in achieving those business objectives. We team up with you on an approach that addresses all these components comprehensively, by analyzing the capacity and your audience needs, inclination, and views. We keep our sights for the long-term and help you segregate the stages to get there in the short-term.

IntraIntel’s experienced and result-oriented consultant’s collaborate with you, in order to carry out an analysis to identify performance needs and difficulties lurking within your business, and recognize their main source. By having an understanding of what is happening and why it is happening, we can start creating and executing resolutions that influence quantifiable, and brings about betterment in your business. As and when the need crops up, we’re here to help you guarantee that when you contribute your training dollars, you taste success in the first instance only.

After establishing the requirements, we support you in outlining a complete curriculum. Irrespective of whether it’s an imaginative methodology to new-hire training, or an expertise building curriculum for a qualified labor force, our experienced instructional designers collaborate with you to plan a method that takes into account the audience desires and incorporates the precise delivery modalities, assessment plans, and performance support.

By now you would have figured out that we’ve touched upon the learning and development block on more than one occasion. We are regularly asked to bring our established best practices and tools in order to provide something that will be beneficial and after that tweak them to address the organization’s necessities or create a guideline for reiterated, effective training delivery. Hence, we act to completely comprehend what motivates your business, characterize the best conceivable processes and tools, and after that get to work bringing those tools and layouts into existence. Finally, you will benefit from a full range of layouts, procedures, and best practices.

We have confidence in the success of our solutions, and we’re prepared to demonstrate it. We will go about as a genuine business partner, guaranteeing that we recognize your business objectives, and adjust your training accordingly. If given the chance to work together with you to compute the influence of training, we will make detailed arrangements or preparations to this effort and empower you to quantify your ROI on your training. Through mindful and demonstrated courses of action, we work with you to recognize the assessment criteria, comprehend the technical abilities and requirements for accumulation and reporting, and measure the training influence once your program has been executed.