How is our team motivated?

End Result: We want to assist you in making a difference, reaching the target, and accomplishing terrific personal victory.

This allegiance to creating an impression holds us at the top of our game. The services we offer you help to expand our creative, collaborative, innovative, and strategic strengths. Our tailored, blended solutions unify the supportive and social facets of live instruction with the ease, anticipation, and possibilities of technology-driven learning. By working mutually, our consulting services extend the ways in which we can help you — from candid analysis to evaluation strategies, to communications, sustainability initiatives, and staff expansion.

We’re always eager to show you what we can do for you. We encourage you to assess our services and give us a call.

Our Featured Services


At every level, e-Learning delivery can be engaging and effective, and your learners should be eager for the next course.

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We can help you leverage the convenience and portability of mobile technology to deliver on-demand solutions via tablet or smartphone.

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Go beyond the traditional lecture with our engaging classroom activities, role-plays and multimedia.

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Games and Simulations

Immerse in our highly interactive, custom solutions that capture the attention and imagination of your learners.

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Performance Support

Discover how to continue the learning process with a range of learning techniques available at the point of need.

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Audio, Video and Animation

Check out how we use videos and other media to make training memorable and effective.

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Large Scale Projects

Gear up for a big project with our expertise in program management, customized tools, and proven techniques.

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Consulting Services

We can partner with you at the strategy level, working to align the training department’s goals with the broader business objectives.

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Why Choose IntraIntel

When you have a vendor-partner you can trust, who always performs, sometimes surprises (in a good way), and makes every encounter a pleasure, you can relax. We strive to be that partner. At the core of our service philosophy is a commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial connections with our individual clients and the organizations we serve. Share with us the pressures and constraints you are up against, and we’ll take on your challenges as our own. Through collaboration, communication, and positive regard and respect for all team members, we aim to do excellent work and provide a meaningful experience, while delivering on our promises. When the going gets tough, we show up, don our superhero capes, and discover positive, actionable approaches to the challenges at hand. Ready to learn more?

In organizations like yours, the overall success of the team is based on the individual contributions of your associates. Our approach to instructional design helps you attract, retain, and enrich each and every individual on your team.

What’s our philosophy?

First, we align the learning objectives with your desired outcome. Next, it’s all about the learner: learning by doing, discovery, telling stories, and providing perspectives. My team of instructional design professionals is immersed in an environment that enables success. Mentorship, peer review, collaboration with technologists and designers, and templates, tools, and interaction libraries make their designs – and your vision – come to life.

Training projects are custom and complex – often involving multiple stakeholders, competing demands, and tight deadlines.

A minor bump in the road can derail a project if not handled correctly. Not to worry. I’m part of a team of highly organized project managers, who work with you to understand your business goals and priorities.

We bring an impressive array of project management tools, processes, and expertise to each project. We think ahead to mitigate risks and contain costs. If you do hit a bump, we actively recommend ways to get things back on track. We’re here to help smooth the road and make both you and your project a success.

We want your first introduction to IntraIntel to set us apart, so we put you in the capable hands of an experienced consultant, not an order-taker.

Every day, our Solution Architect team embraces fascinating client challenges, each with unique business drivers, learners, and constraints. We provide engaging capabilities demonstrations, ask the right questions, give you options, frame up effective learning solutions, and put you on the road to success. We work hard to provide you and your team with clear, concise project plans and proposals so you have a crystal-clear view of the path forward. As ambassadors of our culture of caring, we represent the depth of experience, expertise, creativity, strategy, and innovation you’ll find on our team. We are always here to help!

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